Welcome to Remastersys

Development of Remastersys has ended.

I thank all the good people I've met over the years and thank them very much for their support of remastersys and apologize for having to stop.

If you would like a copy of the sources I use, please make a $50 donation and mention you want the sources.

I will email you the sources within a day or so of the payment clearing.

I have re-enabled the repositories for now but don't know how long I will be able to keep them up.


#Remastersys Precise
deb http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/ubuntu precise main

#Remastersys Quantal
deb http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/ubuntu quantal main


#Remastersys Squeeze
deb http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/debian squeeze main

#Remastersys Wheezy
deb http://geekconnection.org/remastersys/debian wheezy main