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Welcome to the Geek Connection!

New! The Geek Connection is now
accepting donations 
to help with
upgrading the
, disk space,
and bandwidth using Hostgator.

The goal is to update the repositories
For both Xandros and Klkit-Linux users,
And to add more content to the site with
News & links to tutorials and information
for "average Joe" type users.

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I became a Linux user a several years ago.
I was a Windows user who was tired of being
manipulated and bullied by Microsoft (I now
refer to them as "Microsith").

I'd had enough of spyware, viruses, high-priced
bloated software, and increasingly being told what
I can and cannot do with the software I purchased.
The last straw was when Microsith started spying on
its customers through Windows Genuine Advantage
(I suspect sooner, but can't prove it)!

I began searching for an alternative to Windows, and
tried various Linux distributions. Eventually, I found
Linux was a good choice.

It was easy to install, allowed me to easily setup a dual
boot system with Windows & Linux on the same computer.
I was impressed right away! Everything was easy to use and
configure to my delight!

Installing new software was a snap with one exception:

Most software was plentiful, but it lacked the "pretty stuff"
most new users like to work with when they get a new system.

The defaults were good, don't get me wrong, but most users
want to feel like they are in control of their shiny new systems,
and the first place they go to gain that initial confidence is
changing their wallpaper, color, Icons, themes, etc.

So now that I've become an intermediate to advanced
user, I've set out to correct the one thing I feel is
missing in theLinux world by providing repositories
of the stuff I've found missing.(A repository is a place
to download & install software).

That's where this new site comes in!
I've put together a small collection of these things
 in hopes of making it easier for new Linux users.

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